Community Based Disaster Preparedness

After analyzing response to the frequent disasters in the area Navjeevan Trust has come to the conclusion that immediately after any disaster, it is the community which can be the most effective. By the time the external agencies reach the area, the intensity of the problem is reduced and if at all any life saving activities has to be done, the community must be prepared for it. In addition to that preparedness reduces the efforts and resources we need to spare for the response after the disaster.

Considering the repeated flood in certain areas of Rajkot and Surendranager district, we have designed a Community Based Disaster Preparedness (CBDP) programme. The programme is designed to work with communities to increase their resilience to disaster situations and reduce the negative impacts of the same. The project would build upon and strength the community base which Navjeevan Trust has created through its various programs of animation and women empowerment. The programme will also aim to establish strong linkages with the govt., particularly at the district and block level. Since the programme works through SHGs & CBOs, this approach would make the service delivery of the govt. more effective and accountable to the people. The programme is carried out in 21 villages through our 7 field offices.